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4 Divorce Tips To Help You Through The Process

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The prospect of divorce can catch you off guard, so when you are certain that the marriage is coming to an end, you'll need to act prudently. The actions that you take when you are getting ready to end your marriage will help you to thoroughly protect your peace of mind as you work to move on with your life. All divorces are different, but the following four tips will help you, no matter the circumstances of your particular case. Consider these four tips, so that you're able to help yourself out. 

#1: Take Some Time And Energy To Get The Right Lawyer

While there is no shortage of divorce attorneys, you will need to put in some serious leg work to make sure that you are able to get the help of the best lawyer for you, such as Larson, Latham, Huettl Attorneys. Consider some of these factors, so that you're able to get the best lawyer possible for your case:

  • Get four or five different consultations, so that you're able to get free legal advice and determine if you'd like to hire a particular attorney
  • Seek quality testimonials from prior clients
  • Ask for a copy of the attorneys fees, so that you have them in writing
  • Gauge your overall comfort level and ability to communicate with your lawyer

#2: Get Some Professional Counseling

Professional counseling is a must for you and your spouse if you are getting ready to call it quits. This will allow you to get the closure that you need in order to end the relationship and carry out the business of divorce. Even if your spouse is not interested in counseling or seeking closure on the relationship, you should get counseling for yourself, to make sure that your head is in the right space. 

#3: Develop An Amicable And Beneficial Co-Parenting Plan

To make sure that the kids don't suffer as a result of the split, you must develop a co-parenting plan. This plan will allow the two of you to hash out things like visitation, custody, school and daycare pickups and drop offs, health insurance for the children and more. By coming up to these decisions on your own, you'll keep the courts out of it and will be able to take control of your own family. 

#4: Document And Save Everything

Before you ever develop a case with your attorney, you'll need to make sure that you are providing them with the information that they need. To do this, you'll need to make both hard copies and digital copies of every pertinent document, such as mortgage notes, debt statements, medical records and  more. By compiling the best records that you can, you'll be better able to build a solid case. 

Follow these four tips, so that you are getting the most out of your divorce process, so that you can move forward.