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Situations That May Make You Consider Filing A Car Wreck Case In Court

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If you sustain severe injuries in a collision, one of your top priorities should be concentrating on your recovery. And settling your compensation claim out of court will enable you to concentrate on treatment. But that might only happen if all the responsible parties are willing to negotiate in good faith. However, negotiations might get complicated if you cannot agree on who is at fault, the compensation amount, or when other issues arise. You might consider filing a car wreck case in court, especially if you're in any of the following situations.

You Suffered Minimal Property Damage

There is a high possibility that the insurance company will refuse to offer you enough compensation if you suffered minimal property damage. They might argue that the injuries you sustained are worth less than the payment you're requesting. However, you can also suffer long-term injuries even if your vehicle suffered minimal damage.

Therefore, you might consider filing a case in court if you sustained severe injuries but the insurance company is disputing your claim. A professional motor vehicle accident lawyer can help you get a comprehensive medical examination to prove that you sustained severe injuries in the crash. They will then table the evidence in court, ensuring that you get a payment that will cover all your medical expenses.

You Had Other Injuries Before the Accident

Pre-existing injuries may also be a contentious issue when negotiating for settlement with the insurance company. Negotiations might get complicated if your fresh injuries are on the same body part you were previously injured. In this case, the insurance company may refuse to compensate you, insisting that their client is not responsible for your injuries. When this happens, you might consider seeking the court's intervention on the matter.

However, you should expect the wrongdoer to put up a spirited fight in court as they try to deny responsibility. Therefore, you could consider hiring an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer to fight for you. They'll get expert health professionals to examine your injuries to prove that they are unrelated to your previous accident. Your legal advisor can also line up expert witnesses to testify in court, explaining how your injuries have impacted your life. They will want to demonstrate how the accident has affected your life, ensuring that you get the best payment possible.

An out-of-court settlement can enable you to get compensation faster, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery. However, if the issues above arise during negotiations, you may consider filing a case in court to help you get justice. A knowledgeable motor vehicle accident attorney can help you prepare a strong claim to help you get an acceptable settlement.

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