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Avoiding Car Chases And A Lot Of Civil Liabilities

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The facts surrounding the recent, tragic auto accident involving Bruce Jenner are not entirely known. A picture is being painted that indicates the decision by paparazzi (photographers) to chase Jenner contributed to the accident that killed a woman. The event sheds light on the possibility that a third-party giving chase could cause other cars to crash into one another. Chasing a car under almost any circumstances is dangerous and doing so could open someone up for civil liabilities.

Do Not Give Chase for Any Reason

A lot of unfortunate things occur on the road. Perhaps another driver hits your car and then, instead of pulling over, passes you, floors the gas pedal, and takes off. While you may have the urge to chase after the vehicle, never do so. Instead, pull off the road and call 911. Report a hit and run and provide the best description of the vehicle you are able to. Leave the issue to the police. 

Giving chase to the vehicle could put other people at risk on the road. Simply being wronged by another driver who has broken the law does not legalize reckless driving on your part.

Contributing to an Accident

If the car that hit you travels at a high rate of speed to get away from your pursuit, any accident caused by the driver may partially be your fault. Considering a car accident could lead to a fatality, a car accident lawyer would likely name you as a co-defendant in a wrongful death suit. Criminal charges are also a possibility.

Be mindful of the fact that any party that materially contributes to an auto accident could be held civilly and criminally liable. Chasing another vehicle at a high rate of speed for any reason is going to be a material contribution.

Being Chased

What should you do if you are the person being chased? You definitely do not want to cause an accident, but you do not want to put other people at risk. There are a few advisable steps to take:

  • Call 911 on a cell phone and follow all directions the operator instructs.
  • Pull off to a crowded parking lot while remaining on the line with 911.
  • Do not get out of the vehicle and confront the other driver under any circumstances.

If you see the other driver with a deadly weapon, driving away becomes unavoidable. Causing an accident under these circumstances might be unavoidable, but all the liability may end up on the shoulders of the erratic and dangerous driver.

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