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Pleading Guilty To A Criminal Offense-The Impact It Will Have On Your Life

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If you are convicted of a criminal offense, and you are thinking about pleading guilty in order to receive a plea bargain agreement, you will need to take the long-term effects of this decision into consideration. While the thought of a lesser sentence and the removal of a trial seem like positive points, there are also some points that are less than desirable. You need to weigh your options carefully when deciding to agree to a plea bargain. Here are some of the negative things to be aware of when you agree to a plea bargain, so you can make a decision for your specific situation that you will be able to live with after the court process has ended.

Considering Your Nationality

If you are convicted of a crime while you are in the United States, but you are not a citizen of the country, you will most likely be forced to go back to your home country as a result. Deportation is a very likely result of a criminal conviction. Hiring an immigration attorney to work in tandem with your criminal defense attorney may be necessary before making a plea to make sure you will be allowed back into the country at a later time. 

Thinking About Employment

Many companies will not hire a convicted criminal to work as an employee in their establishment. You will need to think about what type of work you will be doing after you have served whatever sentencing you agree to. If the conviction will hurt your employment choices, you may want to think about going to trial instead if there is a chance at having a lesser sentence overall. A criminal conviction will follow you throughout your life, making it much more difficult to find work in high-paying positions.

Giving Up Your Reputation

If you agree to a plea bargain for a lesser sentencing, you are going to be pleading guilty, even if you did not commit the crime you are being charged with. This is done because you might be scared of being found guilty by a jury, but it will make you look as if you are guilty even if you are not. You will be admitting that you did indeed partake in the criminal activity.

In some cases, being deemed a convicted criminal will result in you giving up some of your citizenship rights. You may no longer be allowed to serve on a jury or possess a firearm. Depending on the type of conviction you are served with, you may need to list your picture and your charges in public locations, making your case very public overall. 

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