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Two Questions About Child Custody Matters Answered

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Having children can be one of the greatest accomplishments in a person's life. Unfortunately, it is fairly common for individuals to make the mistake of being with the wrong person, which can ultimately end in the need to file for divorce. Sadly, custody issues can be an ongoing point of contention between divorced spouses, and if you have found yourself facing a difficult custody situation, you might benefit from having the following couple of questions about custody and child support disputes addressed.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Your Ex Is Abusive Or Neglectful Of The Children?

It is an unfortunate fact that you may find yourself suspecting that the other parent is wrongfully treating your children when they are in their custody. Unfortunately, many parents are under the impression that there is nothing that they can do when they suspect this to be the case. however, it should be noted that your attorney can help you petition the court when you have this suspicion.

This can be done by filing an emergency petition with the court. In order for this petition to be successful, it will be necessary for the attorney to gather any available evidence that supports your claim and present it to the judge. This may involve having the children give testimony about what happens when they are with the other parent. While having the children testify may be something you wanted to avoid, it may be necessary to keep them safe from harm.

How Can You Force The Other Parent To Pay Their Share Of Child Support?

Usually, the courts will order the parent that did not receive permanent custody of the children to pay child support to the spouse that did. The amount of support is calculated using a variety of factors and considerations. However, this support can only help you if the other spouse is actually paying it. Unfortunately, there may be instances where the other spouse is resisting paying their share. In these instances, your attorney can file a motion with the court to compel the other spouse to pay. If they fail to comply with the court order to settle the child custody debt, the court can have their wages garnished until the debt is settled.

Being unfortunate enough to encounter a dispute over child custody matters can be a stressful experience for any parent to go through. Luckily, your attorney can help you contest the problems that may arise by filing petitions with the court that argue your side of the matter. By appreciating these services, you will be better able to protect your children from a dangerous or deadbeat ex.

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