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4 Reasons You Should Hire An Employment Attorney

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Employment attorneys are individuals who are responsible for protecting the rights of employees. There may come a time when you need to hire an employment attorney yourself. An employment attorney is going to help you protect yourself against harassment and other issues that do not adhere to your rights as a working American citizen. Here are four specific reasons you should consider hiring an employment attorney:

  1. You Were Not Hired for a Job You Are Qualified For: You don't always have to hire an employment attorney because you were not hired for a job that you were qualified for. However, if you were qualified and you believe the reasons behind not being hired weren't due to another applicant who had higher qualifications, but were due to you being of a specific race, religion, or gender, you have a right to sue. Not being hired because of discriminatory factors is unlawful. An employment attorney will be able to assess this situation and ensure that you are able to fight it with clear evidence that you were, in fact, discriminated against.
  2. You Were Fired for Exploiting Illegal Conduct: If you noticed some illegal behavior taking place in your work environment and you raised awareness about it, you cannot be fired for it. Any illegal conduct taking place in your work environment is something that you are legally allowed to report. If you were fired over a situation such as this, you can hire an employment attorney who can sue the company for wrongful termination.
  3. Your Employer Did Not Accommodate for Your Disability: If you were hired onto your job with a known disability, your employer must give you accommodations for that disability. This includes your employer providing you with time off to go to medical appointments to treat the disability and your employer providing you with additional hours to finish any tasks you have for that day. An employer who is not providing these accommodations that you ask for can be sued for exploitation of a disabled employee. 
  4. You Were Fired For Getting Pregnant: Even if you were to become pregnant and your employer found this to be something that limited your ability to work as you did before, you cannot be fired for it. You can hire an employment attorney to file a claim against your employer if they fired you or demoted you just because of your pregnancy. 

When you know some more specific reasons to hire an employment attorney, you can better understand how to protect your rights as an employee.