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4 Ways A Lawyer Can Help The Victim Of A Collision

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Are you depressed because you had to stop working after getting injured in a collision? If you are now stuck with no income and a lot of medical needs, the best thing to do is contact a lawyer to get compensated by the other party. You should be able to receive enough money for your needs as long as you have sufficient evidence and you were not in the wrong. Below, you will discover how services from an accident lawyer can work out in your favor.

1. Prove You Are the Victim in the Collision

You will have might not have a strong case against the other party if he or she contests the accident report. However, working with a lawyer can make your case stronger because he or she will make sure an investigation is done to back up the accident report. The lawyer will actually go back to the area where the collision happened to come up with different accident scenarios that can prove that you are the victim in the dispute.

2. Make a List of What You Deserve

Determining what you deserve to get paid will be done after the lawyer agrees that you are the victim and accepts your case. You will be asked for a few different documents that might include medical bills, statements about your condition from a physician and receipts for car repairs. The lawyer will also find out just how much your injuries have affected your ability to work, such as by getting advice from a vocational expert. You can be compensated for mental anguish, counseling and even handicap accessible equipment for your house if it is needed.

3. Speak to the Other Party's Insurance Company

Contacting the other party's insurance will be the first step to getting you the money that you need. Your lawyer will tell the insurance company about your medical and vehicle expenses, as they are typically covered under an auto insurance policy. If you are unable to obtain enough money for medical and vehicle expenses through the insurance company, the rest of it can be obtained in a lawsuit against the other party.

4. Take the Dispute to Court

A lawyer will file petition for a lawsuit on your behalf so you can obtain money for the things that are not covered by the other party's auto insurance company. However, the lawyer might try to take care of the settlement faster by trying to settle out of court through mediation. Get in touch with a car accident lawyer so your needs will be handled in a timely and professional manner. Contact a business, such as Littman & Babiarz Law Office, for more information.