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3 Things To Consider When Getting A Liquor License

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Opening a restaurant or bar can be a major undertaking. Not only does it require finding the right location and setting up a menu, but there are numerous other hoops to jump through before opening. Obtaining liquor licensing is one of those tasks that needs to be finished before opening for business. Being able to enjoy alcoholic beverages is a must for many customers, and in certain locations a liquor license is an essential part of being successful. Here are three things to consider when obtaining a liquor license. 


The cost of a liquor license varies from state to state and even county to county. The cost will also depend on factors such as the type of establishment, the hours of the establishment, and what type of alcohol will be served. Costs can range from as little as $300 to over $3,000 for the license alone. Even the liquor license application itself will often come with an application fee that costs up to $100. Keeping the cost in mind when looking into obtaining a liquor license is a must. In some cases, it may be more expensive than expected.

The Process Takes Time

Another thing to consider is that the process of getting a liquor license can take some time. It's important to not leave this task till the last minute. The length of time can vary depending on the state. In some states, this process can take up to a year. Starting this process early is important. In fact, the application should be completed as soon as possible in order to ensure that the restaurant or bar will be able to serve alcohol from the beginning. Liquor licenses also need to be renewed every few years. This is another thing that a business should be aware of.

A Lawyer Can Help

For many, the process of getting a liquor license can be complicated. In some cases, the application is denied. For those who are struggling to get a liquor license, hiring a lawyer can help. A lawyer can help get a liquor license approved and make sure all of the appropriate paperwork is done properly. A lawyer is also beneficial when buying or transferring a liquor license. A lawyer will ensure that the business is in compliance with state and federal law.

Getting a liquor license is an essential part of doing business for most bars and restaurants. When getting a liquor license there are a few things to consider. The process varies from state to state, however, in general licenses will cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Getting a liquor license approved can also take time, even up to year. For those who are struggling to get approved, a lawyer can help smooth the process along. 

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