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Factors To Consider When Selecting a Commercial Litigation Lawyer

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Many new business owners have never hired a commercial litigation lawyer before. But as you go into business for yourself, you may be looking to hire one. A commercial litigation lawyer can help you write a business plan, file trademarks and patents, create legally binding partnership agreements, review documents to buy an existing business, apply for permits for your business, or any other number of legal needs your business may have. If you are looking to hire a commercial litigation lawyer for the first time, here are three key factors you will want to consider when selecting an attorney. 

How and What They Charge

One of the factors that you will want to consider as you go about hiring a commercial litigation lawyer is how the firm bills you and what it charges. Some lawyers will bill you by the job. This means that you pay a flat fee to them to  complete the task that needs to be done, such as reviewing a business plan or filing patent paperwork. Other attorneys will charge you by the hour. One option is not necessarily better than the other. Some people prefer to know up front exactly how much they will be charged, while others prefer to pay based on the amount of time the lawyer invests in the task. Ask a lawyer how he or she bills and what the firm's fees are so you can select a lawyer that charges the way you prefer. 

What Venues They Typically Work In

Another key factor to consider when you are selecting a commercial litigation lawyer is what venues the lawyer typically works in. Commercial litigation cases can span anywhere from city or county courts to state and federal courts. The types of cases that are brought to each of these courts varies, as do the applicable laws. As such, if you have a local city case, you want to find an attorney versed in your city's rules and laws. Likewise, if you have a federal commercial case, you want to find a lawyer who is used to working in the federal courts. 

What Areas They Have Experience In

Lastly, you want to consider what areas of commercial litigation a lawyer has experience in. Commercial litigation encompasses many different elements including business plans, trademarks, patents, intellectual property and theft, shareholder agreements, and business contracts. Not every lawyer has experience handling every type of commercial litigation need. Always ask a lawyer what his or her experience is with the types of needs you have. 

A commercial litigation lawyer can help you manage the legal needs of your business. Paying attention to how the firm bills you and what it charges, what venues the lawyer typically works in, and what areas they have experience in can help you select the lawyer that best meets your commercial litigation needs.