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Getting To Know Accident Attorneys With Straightforward Questions

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Accidents are always going to be a part of life, but what happens when someone causes you to have an accident that is so severe that you lose time from work and have a stack of medical bills to contend with? Thankfully, in these kinds of situations, you can reach out to an accident attorney, like those at Buckley  Law Office, for help. If you have never worked with an accident attorney before, you are bound to have a few questions about these professionals, who they are, and what they have to offer you as a client. 

How are accident lawyers different than other lawyers?

Accident lawyers focus their practice specifically on helping clients who have been injured due to the negligence or wrongdoing of someone else. These cases, which are oftentimes referred to as tort or personal injury cases, involve a client suing another person for compensation due to damages caused by a direct injury. For example, you may need an accident attorney if:

  • You are injured during a car accident and the insurance company will not offer a proper settlement.
  • You have sustained an accidental injury in a public place and the owner refuses to pay for the injuries.
  • You had an accident on your motorcycle due to the negligence of another driver.

Do accident lawyers handle medical malpractice claims?

Most accident lawyers do handle medical malpractice claims, but not all of them choose to include this in their practice. Medical malpractice is technically a case that involves an accidental injury, but it also involves the negligent behavior of a medical provider. Medical malpractice claims can be a lot more complicated and complex than something like a car accident injury, however. Therefore, some accident attorneys do not offer to represent clients in medical malpractice cases even though they specialize in personal injury or accidents. 

What kind of education does an accident attorney have?

If an attorney goes to college to become an attorney, there are typically no differences between the different types of practice as far as education goes. In most situations, all that is required to practice law in a state is that an attorney goes to law school, graduates, and then passes the bar exam. Once the bar exam has been passed in the jurisdiction where the attorney plans to practice, that attorney can choose which areas of the law they would prefer to work in. Some attorneys choose accident and personal injury as their field of service because this is one of the most highly sought-after attorney services.