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Tips for Obtaining Joint Physical Custody of Your Child as the Father

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Are you a father who would like to have joint or partial custody of your child? You may currently have no rights to your child because custody was never situated or determined. However, you need to know that you do have rights as the father of your child to routinely see the child. If the mother of your child is attempting to keep you from staying involved in the child's life, you do not have to give up on your fight for custody. While you may not want to seek full custody because you know how important it is for children to have time with both parents, you do want to hire a child custody attorney who can help you petition for joint physical custody.

Why Is Joint Physical Custody the Most Beneficial Situation?

Children who have both parents that want to be in their lives should be able to spend time with those parents. When joint physical custody is assigned, both parents tend to get an equal amount of time they can spend with the child. For example, one parent may have the child for half of the week while the other parent gets the other half of the week. One parent might get the child for a whole week and then the other parent gets to have the child at their house during the following week. The type of situation depends on what the parents can agree to and what the judge decides if the parents cannot agree with one another. However, joint physical custody is the most beneficial situation for the child involved because it gives that child plenty of time to spend with each parent.

What Can a Child Custody Attorney Do to Improve the Situation?

While you might not have any legal rights at the moment, a child custody attorney could help you file a petition with the court in which you will state that you are seeking joint physical custody of your minor child. Your child's mother will receive notice of the filing. You both will need to attend court sessions moving forward. If the mother of your child attempts to fight this process, your attorney would go over your rights and provide documents that will prove you have been there for your child both emotionally and financially. The attorney knows you have rights and will fight for you to get a reasonable custody agreement with the other parent.

As a father, you may feel like your rights are limited. If you would like to have more time with your child, you can file for physical joint custody of the child. There is a legal process involved, but an attorney will get you through it. For more information, visit websites like