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What To Expect When Seeking Help From A Debt Relief Attorney

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Are your bills piling up? Are your debt balances increasing every month? If you are experiencing problems paying your bills, have you considered seeking help from a debt relief lawyer? A debt relief lawyer offers services that help people like you. If you want help, seek advice from a lawyer that specializes in debt relief. Here is what you should expect if you choose to seek help from a debt relief attorney.

1. Initial Consultation

The first step is meeting with a lawyer for an initial consultation. The purpose of this visit is to learn more about the types of programs available to use. If you hope to receive a lot of information from this meeting, come prepared. You can prepare for it by bringing a list of all your debts. You should also bring a list of all the income you earn. Coming prepared helps the lawyer have all the information needed to help you learn more about your options.

2. Analysis of Options

The second step of the process is allowing the lawyer to analyze your situation to offer the best options to you. Debt relief lawyers use several programs to help people eliminate debt. The plan your lawyer suggests depends on your financial situation.

One option is debt settlement. Settling your debts involves creating agreements with your creditors to accept lower amounts than what you owe. For example, if you owe $50,000, your lawyer might work out a plan with your creditors that lets you settle for $35,000. If you use this plan, you could save $15,000.

Bankruptcy is another option the lawyer might suggest. This option works well for some people, allowing you to receive forgiveness of debts if you qualify.

3. Assistance with the Plan

Your lawyer will assist you with the plan after evaluating your situation and coming up with the best program. If you choose a debt settlement plan, the lawyer will negotiate with your creditors and will create an agreement. If you choose bankruptcy, your lawyer will help you file.

4. Debt Relief

The final step is debt relief. After you choose a plan and complete it, you will have financial freedom from your debts. When this occurs, you will be happy you decided to see a lawyer for help.

You may need to meet with a debt relief attorney several times to find the right debt relief path and complete it. To get started towards a path of financial freedom, contact a debt relief attorney today.