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Can You Get Custody If Your Child's Other Parent Is An Alcoholic?

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When custody of your child is concerned, you are right to have a lot of questions about your child's future. It is important that you consider the different options for custody, especially if you worry that your child may not be in a safe position with the other parent. If your child's other parent is an alcoholic, you may have a lot of concerns.

Alcohol abuse is a serious issue, and it is normal for you to have concerns. During your child custody case, there are some questions you may have. This article has some of the things you need to know.

Remember: An Accusation Is Not Enough

It is not enough to come to court with an allegation of alcohol abuse. It is important to have documentation to back up every claim. Your next question might involve how you can bring forth evidence. For example, you may come to court with evidence that your ex-spouse has a history of DUIs and other alcohol-related criminal activity.

You may also have video evidence or an admission that substance abuse is a problem. In some cases, one parent will willingly admit to substance abuse and agree to receive treatment before they are awarded custody.

The Court Considers the Best Interests of the Child

Regardless of the situation, the court always wants to make a decision that considers the child's bests interests. The court will examine the evidence and decide if the child's need to have a relationship with both parents and to spend time in the custody of both parents is completely safe.

Orders May Be Temporary

Keep in mind that getting custody today does not necessarily mean that the order will stay this way. In fact, it is quite possible that the order will be changed in the near future, especially if your ex-spouse receives treatment and can prove that they are sober.

Consult With a Child Custody Attorney

If you have real fears for your child, it is important to see an attorney. An attorney will examine your case, find supporting evidence, and file the motions necessary to ensure that your child is never in an unsafe situation, whether it is with the other parent or somebody else.

A child custody attorney can answer more questions if you have them. Set up a consultation today to take the steps you need to protect your child. You may be able to make a case for custody if you have the supporting evidence.

For more information, contact a child custody attorney today.