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How Speeding Leads To Accidents On Local Roads

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Speeding can occur on any road. However, on local roads, speeding is especially a problem on local roads because many drivers find themselves with a false sense of security with fewer drivers on the road. They also encounter fewer squad cars. However, when you are struck unexpectedly on a local road, you will need to contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Why the Driver's Speeding Matters

To be able to receive compensation for your injuries, you will need to prove that the other driver was negligent. If the other driver was traveling at a high speed, you will be able to use this as evidence that the driver was negligent and caused your accident. 

Because speeding is a crime, you may also be awarded punitive damages if your case goes to court. The judge might wish to award much more substantial damages as a way to send a message to the driver not to speed.

The Danger of Speeding

When a driver is traveling over the legal limit, they will be reducing the amount of time that they have to react to an emergency. If you are forced to stop suddenly, this might lead to a horrible accident. When the driver is speeding, they may be forced to engage in dangerous maneuvers to avoid an accident. 

By speeding, the driver is also likely to cause more damage when colliding with your vehicle. You are also more likely to be pushed into a building or into another vehicle, which can further complicate the accident.

Why You Must Pursue a Settlement Aggressively

You will want to pursue a settlement aggressively because an accident that results from speeding can lead to much more serious injuries. For example, you might suffer from a traumatic brain injury that can affect you for years to come.

How to Prove That the Driver Was Speeding

Unfortunately, many drivers will refuse to admit that they were speeding. Therefore, you will need to gather evidence that this is the case. A police officer might write a ticket for speeding, but the police might not have observed the act of speeding. The locals might have seen the speeding and may testify on your behalf.

However, with the help of an auto accident attorney, you may be able to determine the speed that the other driver was traveling. Reach out to a car accident injury attorney at a corporation like Arrington Schelin, a Professional Corporation, to see if you have a case.