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Possession Of Methamphetamine Is A Serious Crime

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Arrests involving drug possession are never a good thing. However, just as all situations are not the same, the type of drug found in the individuals' possession at the time of their arrest does have an important impact. For this reason, if you, or someone you know, has been charged with methamphetamine possession, given the class of this drug, it can lead to serious consequences. Learn more about what factors can impact the outcome of the charge.

Community Danger Threshold

The severity of an arrest involving methamphetamine possession cannot be understated, and one of the reasons for its severity has to do with the community threat this narcotic creates. Methamphetamine is highly addictive, which means that it has the potential to destroy families and communities alike. 

Also, producing this narcotic puts many people at risk given the explosive conditions that the drug creates. Given the dynamics involving this drug, it should come as no surprise that the consequences of a conviction can be lengthy.

Criminal Background

Indeed, different crimes come along with different consequences and sentences. However, it is important to also keep in mind that in terms of the law — crime is crime. For this reason, the entire criminal background of a person charged with the possession of methamphetamine will be taken into account, even if this is their first charge for this particular crime.

Generally, the lengthier the record or the easier it is for a judge to establish a pattern of increased severity in the offenses committed, the greater the potential for a harsher sentence. If you have a criminal background, having an attorney becomes especially important.

Drug Quantity

The drug on its own poses a major threat to the community, but the court can measure just how great this threat is based on the quantity of the drug found in an individual's possession. In short, the quantity can sometimes be used as an unofficial gauge as to whether or not the individual arrested is an addict or someone who sells the illegal substance.

As such, someone with less than 1 gram in their possession may not receive the same consequence as someone with 500 grams. If the court finds that the individual is an addict and does not plan to distribute the drug, they may offer rehabilitative or treatment options in place of a jail sentence.

If you have been arrested, you must have someone working to protect your rights and freedom. Speak with a drug possession lawyer to get the assistance you need to navigate this situation.