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When To Get Serious About Hiring A DUI Lawyer

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People charged with DUIs aren't in a favorable position considering the multiple negative outcomes that could result. If you're faced with one of these charges and one of the following situations is at play, you should hire a DUI lawyer to receive legal guidance.

There Are Other Charges Besides the DUI

A DUI charge is a pretty stressful event, but that may not be the only charge you're facing. You could also be charged with drug possession or failure to cooperate with the arresting officer. If you have other charges besides the DUI, then you need assistance from a DUI lawyer. They can help you navigate this more complex legal road while still improving your odds of a better outcome.

For instance, they may be able to have the less severe charges dropped or combine everything into one sentencing. A DUI lawyer can help you handle this complex situation so that you don't necessarily have to face punishment for all the mistakes you made on the night you were pulled over for drinking and driving. 

You Require a Better Understanding of Offers

A much better outcome for a DUI charge is to receive offers from the prosecuting attorney. That can save you from experiencing the full effect of this charge, but you may still need help making sense of the offer or offerings that come your way.

Let a DUI attorney assess them so that you do what's best for your legal situation. If the offer is better than the alternative of pleading guilty entirely, then your attorney will accept the offer on the spot. Whereas if it's still not an ideal situation, they can see what adjustments can be made that work out in your favor.

You Know You're Innocent and Want Helping Proving It

Some people are mistakenly charged with DUIs. They may not have complied with an officer's requests or a procedure wasn't performed the way it should have been. If you know you're innocent after receiving a DUI, then hire a DUI lawyer.

You don't want to chance potentially ending up with a punishment for a crime you didn't commit. The attorney will see to it that your innocence is validated through testimonials and professional examinations. 

DUI attorneys make their living helping people that get charged with DUIs. If you know when one of these attorneys would be ideal to work with, you can receive relevant counsel at the right times and then have better options moving forward.