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3 Commonly Cited Reasons For The Denial Of An Insurance Claim

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Sometimes insurers will give you a hard time before issuing you a settlement for your claim. If your case is legitimate, but the insurer is dragging their feet, you should consider hiring a lawyer to help you manage your files. With their expertise, you can assess your situation to determine how to proceed with the case and get compensation. Consider these scenarios that could lead to an insurer denying your settlement and ways to handle it.

Denial of Fault

The most important part of an accident claim is proving who is at fault. Once you gather the required evidence and prove who the liable party is, their insurer should compensate you for your injuries and damages. However, sometimes the insurance company will assess the situation leading to the accident and decide their client was not at fault. They could also try to pin some of the responsibility for the accident on you. In both cases, you should talk to a lawyer to help you figure out how to proceed. A lawyer can help you avoid walking into tricky situations where you admit you were partially to blame, reducing your payout.

Belittling Damaged Caused by the Injury

Insurers might also challenge your case by refuting the extent of the injuries you suffered. In this case, they will claim that you could have exaggerated your pain and suffering. They could also challenge the cost of rehabilitating you back to health while trying to prove that you deserve less compensation. If you have pre-existing conditions, they will try to use them to show that your medical predicament does not come from the accident. You should have a lawyer present to help you navigate these challenging legal situations and get the best resolution for your case.

Refuting the Other Party Caused the Accident

Some insurers will also refute that your injuries came from the accident. In most of these claims, they will try and pin them on an earlier event or even speculate that the accident made the symptoms of the event flare up. It is best to have a lawyer watch your claim closely for such feedback. They will know how to gather essential evidence and ensure they push it to a sensible conclusion.

Insurers are not always the best to handle when resolving accident claims. You should consult a competent personal injury lawyer and let them guide you through the resolution process for the best outcome.  

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