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What Happens If You Get Injured At The Gym?

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During this time of year, many of you may be abiding by your New Year's resolution of going to the gym. Going to the gym is great and helps you regain good health. However, you can also find yourself hurt if you are not careful. If you get hurt at the gym, there are some things you need to know. You may even have a legal claim if your gym was negligent in any way. Here is what you need to know:

Are Gyms Liable for Injuries?

Every type of property has an obligation to make sure its facility is safe for anyone who enters. If the obligation is not met and someone gets hurt, they can be liable for any injuries endured by that person. A gym is no exception. Gyms are obligated to take care of any hazardous conditions that may be on the property to prevent injury. This can include keeping floors in good condition so no one falls, replacing missing handrails, placing wet floor signs when the floors are wet, repairing broken stairs, and the like.

In addition, gyms must make sure the gym equipment is safe and in good working order. Terrible injuries can happen when the equipment is not properly functioning or is in disrepair. Examples include worn-out cables on machines, missing safety features on machines, broken treadmills, or missing parts on weight machines. Any one of these examples can result in a major injury if it is not addressed right away.

What If the Equipment Was in Good Condition?

A gym can still be liable for injuries you sustain while on the premises even if they took measures to make sure the equipment is in good condition. Machines and equipment can fail at any time, even under the best circumstances. Even when negligence is not a factor, a gym is still liable for injuries.

This is where product liability laws come into play. A gym equipment company or equipment manufacturers can be held responsible if there is proof the product is defective. The defect could be the result of a design flaw or a set of products that were not manufactured correctly. In this instance, you could pursue both the gym and the equipment manufacturer for damages.

Are There Additional Ways You Could Be Injured at the Gym?

There are some more ways a gym can cause you an injury. For example, not having proper first aid kits on hand can exacerbate an injury. Using a personal trainer who pushes you too hard and causes an injury is another way. If the gym does not provide you with proper instruction on how to use gym equipment, they could be held liable for your injury as well. 

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