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Important Reasons Why Artists Should Hire A Lawyer

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You might think it's only necessary to hire a lawyer when something goes wrong, like after an accident or if you are going through a divorce. This isn't the case, however, and if you are a business owner, freelancer, or even an artist, it can be just as important to hire a lawyer. In fact, an artist should consider at least contacting an attorney if they do contract work or own a studio. 

Here are some important reasons why artists should hire a lawyer.

They Have Knowledge Of Contracts

As an artist, you may be commissioned to create a painting for the lobby of a business, or perhaps you have been contracted to design a statue or even a cartoon for a birthday party. This means you may be required to sign a contract. If you are unfamiliar with or have not signed a contract before, you might find them confusing.

A lawyer with extensive knowledge of art law can work with you to negotiate a contract that benefits you. This means you will receive fair and reasonable compensation for your work. A contract can lay out the work timeline, what is expected of both you and your client, and if any revisions or touch-ups will be included in the initial price or if it will be an additional cost to your client.

They Can Protect The Rights To Your Work

It's possible that you won't be outright selling your work to anyone, but loaning out your pieces to businesses or art galleries for a limited period of time. If this is the case, there is a chance that your work could be copied or duplicated by art thieves. 

A lawyer well-versed in art law can help protect your work via trademarks or copyright protection. This means if someone does try to copy your work or outright steal it, your rights are protected within the law. Trademark and copyright protection ensure that you are listed as the creator and owner of the work and are entitled to fair compensation for the use of your work.

A Lawyer Can Help You Receive Payment

In some cases, a client might take too long to pay you for your work or perhaps not pay you at all. It can be difficult to pursue payment from a client who refuses to pay on your own and this is where a lawyer who understands art law is important. 

A lawyer can help ensure that you receive payment for your work by contacting your client and requesting payment on your behalf, or if need be, filing a lawsuit to gain compensation through the courts.

Contact a local art lawyer to learn more.