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The Consequences Of Getting One Too Many Speeding Tickets

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Getting one speeding ticket every few years will not cause a lot of adverse effects in your life, but getting one too many tickets might result in consequences. If you already have a few tickets on your record when you get another one, it might be helpful for you to talk to a speeding ticket lawyer. A lawyer can advise you and help you determine how to proceed. If you can fight the ticket, you can avoid the following consequences that occur when people incur too many speeding tickets.

More Points on Your License

Many states now use a point system to record violations that a person receives against his or her driver's license. When you get a speeding ticket or any driving violation, you gain points on your license. Having points is never a good thing. When you get points on your license, it can affect you in several ways.

SR-22 Filing Requirement

One effect of too many points is the requirement for an SR-22 filing with your insurance company. SR-22 is not insurance coverage, but it is a filing that proves you have insurance coverage. People only need this filing when they encounter driving offenses. You may need it if you get too many tickets, or you might need it if you get one major driving violation. A speeding ticket lawyer can help you understand what this is and might help you avoid it.

Higher Insurance Rates

Adding another ticket to your driving record may also result in paying higher insurance rates. If you get one ticket, you probably will not have to pay higher rates. If you get multiple tickets, though, the insurance company might label you as a high-risk driver. High-risk drivers pay more for their auto insurance coverage because they have greater risks of filing claims.

The Loss of Your Driver's License

If you experience too many driving violations, you take the risk of losing your license. If you feel that your ticket could lead to this, talk to a lawyer about your case. A lawyer might be able to help you fight the ticket and avoid all the consequences of adding one more ticket to your record.

If you get a speeding ticket and cannot afford the adverse effects, talk to a lawyer that handles speeding ticket legal services. Your lawyer might be able to help you eliminate the violation and protect your license and budget. Contact a speeding ticket lawyer in your area today to learn more about the services of a speeding ticket lawyer.