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Avoiding Car Chases And A Lot Of Civil Liabilities

The facts surrounding the recent, tragic auto accident involving Bruce Jenner are not entirely known. A picture is being painted that indicates the decision by paparazzi (photographers) to chase Jenner contributed to the accident that killed a woman. The event sheds light on the possibility that a third-party giving chase could cause other cars to […]

How To React When A Medical Malpractice Causes You Injury

How you react after experiencing a medical malpractice is very important. It may determine not only how fast you get medical remedy, but also your chances of getting a settlement later on. Here are some of the essential steps you should take: Contact the Responsible Professional The first step is to contact the medical professional […]

Common Myths About Immigration In The United States

Immigration is a widely debated issue in the United States, with many myths that are perpetuated to sway public perception about the immigration process and the rights of undocumented residents. Some of the myths are so widespread that they travel to other countries, and influence individuals to attempt to circumvent the immigration process. Other myths […]